Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen

Slim Bolt Action Pen

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Everything you loved about our Bolt Action Pen, now comes in a slim body profile! These pens are designed to let you have full control over your writing experience. They are internally adjustable to adapt to different shapes and sizes of refills, and a front tip collet to minimize tip wiggle when writing. This creates a fully customizable pen that ticks all the boxes.

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  • Slim Pen Body Profile
  • Reversible Deep Carry Pocket Clip
  • Internally Adjustable Mechanism
  • Accepts 100+ Refills w/o Any Hacks or Modifications
  • Auto Adjusting Collet
  • Solid Metal Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Damascus Bolt Free With Every Pen
  • Damascus Clips Available As An Add-On


More Details about the Slim Bolt Action Pen

Lifetime Warranty

We're big fans of a lifetime warranty when buying premium items, so every pen comes with that as well. If you ever need anything, we'll be happy to help.

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LIFETIME WARRANTY on all pens and tools

No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashioned service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Caroline Sanderson
Quality & class - this pen does it right (write) !

Note: I initially posted this back in Oct, 2023 but just realised I popped it under the regular bolt action pen section so reposting correctly this time, under the slim bolt action pen category.

So this isn’t the cheapest of pens however it oozes quality, looks awesome in the stonewashed titanium & includes a Damascus bolt which takes it to another level..It is worth the $’s as the quality is there & this pen will last. The fact it has a lifetime warranty is reassuring & these guys really go out of their way to look after their clients. The bolt action is very smooth, it writes well, looks classy, feels good in the hand & is quickly becoming my favourite EDC pen.

Very keen now to try the regular bolt action pen as the slim is great & defs one of my favourite pens but after trying the pocket pro with the thicker tip for more comfortable writing, think I'll end up preferring the regular one.

John Blanton
My favorite pen

This is the only pen I carry now, I love it.

Jeong Ki Lee
Nicely processed surface (raw titanium)

(Plz delete my former review. I added a few sentences.)

I received my pen (raw titanium) two days ago, which is as nice as I expected. The surface was processed to give some very subtle stickiness or prickling when I rubbed my finger onto it (I'm not sure if I'm delivering the sensation properly), which seems to be probably due to Titaniums specific property, or the delicate surface processing at nano level, or both. This "subtle stickeness" provides a stable grip plus some sort of tactile pleasure.

One thing worth mentioning is, the surface property is limited to raw titanium. I have a dlc black version of slim click pen, and a stonewashed version of slim bolt action, both from Bigideadesign. They also have their own appealing factors, but neither of them are tinged with the subtle stickiness I mentioned.

One pinprick is some tiny misalignment of the barrel, as shown on the photo, which is a little bit dissapointing, not so much as persistently gnawing though.

Thanks for the feedback! Feel free to reach out to and we can send a replacement tip section.

Reliable, sturdy, maintainable. Great pen with a minor design flaw.

A titanium pen with free worldwide shipping and lifetime warranty? And I read reviews about how the customer service is great? What's not to like? I've been using the slim bolt pen in titanium for several months now with no major issues. I do find that I don't change my refill in it much at all to fully make use of the compatibility that the pen offers, but I like the options it brings and it's not unexpected considering most people are used to having multiple pens or markers (It's more convenient than having to swap refills constantly). The pen is a bit too long for an average shirt pocket to fully clip onto, but is still able to be used that way. The ability to disassemble and maintain the pen is a great selling point too, and gives me peace of mind to just clip the pen on my jeans pocket since I can bend the clip back if it becomes sprung. I do wish the pen came with a little bit of silicone grease to even further help us maintain the pen though.

The only design issue with this pen is when the clip is adjusted to be on the right side of the bolt. When the bolt is engaged with this clip configuration, the clip gets in the way (still accessible, just not as convenient) of pushing the bolt back up to retract it. For people who want the clip on the right of the bolt, this may be a problem. This is simply caused by the fact that the track for the bolt is curved, so the easiest way to retract the pen would be to push the bolt from the right side of it and let the spring carry it back up the track. With the clip on the right of the bolt, it gets in the way of that.

Advice if you have bought this pen:
• Try to use the plain titanium bolt for a while first, assess how hard you are on the pen before putting the damascus bolt on it. That bolt looks great, but the coloured pattern on it can be damaged easily. (Something tells me that's why the plain titanium bolt is on the pen by default, and I still put the damascus bolt on immediately...)

Some things to consider:
• Depending on the length of the refill you choose to use for this pen and how you adjust the tip length, it will affect how much tension the refill is under. The force required to engage and retract the bolt will vary, but that can be adjusted by shortening the refill or compressing/stretching the spring.
• The pen is back-heavy, definitely steer away from this pen if that bothers you to no end. You can find the approximate center of balance in the Q&A sections of the reviews. (Try the US site as well if you can't find it here)
• Check the specs of the pen! Read how much it weighs, see if you can compare it to other pens you own! Check if you like the thickness of the pen too! Important things to think about before you buy.

You guys didn't have to make a pen this cool, but here we are.

I bought my Zirconium slim Bolt Action at Blade Show west 2023 as I felt it was appropriate to make a purchase while at the Big Idea booth, and I'm super glad I snagged this thing. The only caveats are; one: it's too nice to EDC, and two: the people around me keep showing some annoyance over the fact I can't stop fidgeting with this damn pen. Very, very well worth it. Between the quality of the people behind Big Idea, and the quality of the products, y'all have earned a loyal fan.

Thank you so much for the kind words and support! We appreciate you!