Lifetime Warranty

Service & Warranty


No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashion service.

If you've been burned in the past by other companies, let us assure you that's not gonna happen here.
If you need help with something we make:
Shoot us an email over at along with your address
and a quick photo of the issue and we will help resolve the issue for you.


Consumable parts are excluded such as fountain pen nibs, ink convertors, cartridges, and etc..

If it's broken and we made it we will be happy to help repair or replace it for you's that simple.
All we ask is that you give us a heads-up (via email to and mail the item back to us so we can fix it.

Does that mean you can smash it with a hammer and get a new one for free?
Nope, but it does mean that if you have an issue that you think needs to be repaired you can
mail it back to us and we will do our very best to help fix your item and have it heading back to you ASAP.


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