Our Patents

We're proud of our designs, both how they look and how they function. We put a lot of time and energy into development and research to make sure the products we put out are unique, innovative, functional and durable.

We have a range of patents for our pens and tool, both in the USA and Internationally.

Ti Arto EDC

The most refill friendly pen ever.

TPT - Titanium Pocket Tool

Do more, carry less.

Bit Bar

Pocket friendly screwdriver

Titanium Pocket Bit

Key ring screwdriver

Bolt Action Pen

Most refill friendly bolt action pen ever

Dual Side Click Pen

Dual side operating mechanism for writing implement

Ti EDS Screwdriver

Frame lock folding screwdriver

Patents listed above are a few examples of some of our active patents, not all our patents are included on this page.