Everything you love about our bolt action pen, now comes in slim.

Everything you loved about our Bolt Action Pen, now comes in a slim body profile! These pens are designed to let you have full control over your writing experience. They are internally adjustable to adapt to different shapes and sizes of refills, and a front tip collet to minimize tip wiggle when writing. This creates a fully customizable pen that ticks all the boxes.

The Most Refill Friendly
Slim Bolt Action Pen

A classic design, with it's internal adjusting capability, it looks great and feels great. Which led us to design the most refill friendly slim bolt action pen, ever.

Internal Adjusting Mechanism

Our design allows you to adjust to whatever refill you want to toss at it. Simply use a T6 Torx screwdriver to adjust to it's refill length, you will be good to go!

Free titanium Damascus bolt included

Let's dress it up! Every pen will include a default bolt, and a titanium Damascus bolt, free of charge! 

Slim Bolt Action Pen

Reversible Pocket Clip

The age old left pocket carry/right pocket carry, bolt should be on the right/left side, push away/tuck into the clip to activate convo is over. It's your pen so go nuts and set it up how you want. All with one simple screw and just a matter of seconds. Done.

Slim Bolt Action Pen

Deep carry clip

Always deep carry! It will never get in your way and always be there when you need it, that's the only way to do it!

successfully funded

We got our start back in 2011 over on Kickstarter and we have been running full speed ahead ever since.