TPC Titanium Pocket Clips - Big Idea Design LLC
TPC Titanium Pocket Clip freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
TPC Titanium Pocket Clips - Big Idea Design LLC
TPC Titanium Pocket Clip freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
TPC Titanium Pocket Clips - Big Idea Design LLC
TPC Titanium Pocket Clips - Big Idea Design LLC

TPC Titanium Pocket Clip

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TPC Version
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These multi-functional pocket clips both have 5 features and come in LED & CLASSIC versions. LED version is discontinued.

CLASSIC Version Features

•Suspension/Pocket Clip
•1 Inch / 2.5cm Ruler (1/10th increments)
Hex Bit Driver
•Bottle Opener
•Key Ring Opening

Materials / Specifications

•Grade 5 Solid Titanium Alloy (6AL-4V)
•T6 Torx Head Screw (#420 Stainless Steel on LED Version)

Sizes (For Both Designs)

•2.5in Tall x 0.4in Wide x 0.51mm Thick
•(63mm Tall x 10mm Wide x 13mm Thick)

Patent Pending Design

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jeffery Grajkowski
Solid, Pleasing

I've had this item for two and a half years and I love it. It keeps my keys organized in my pocket without being as fussy as other solutions. It feels solid and shows no wear which makes me happy. I'm sure it will last the rest of my life.

Greg Wade
Ordering a second...

Purchased my first for keys, and have decided to get a second for my small flashlight and small multi tool.
I dislike having too many items on one key ring. Having 2 Ti clips for two different pockets will be much more organized and not as bulky for one pocket.
These clips are wonderful...

Joe Saitta
Works great

I purchased the LED version and have been very pleased with it. I agree that the ‘bump’ limits the ease of putting the clip on and removing it from clothing.

Minor ‘tweak’: I took a very thin file to the bump and slowly removed material until the clip easily slipped over the waistband of clothing. Now, it is totally functional!

Good idea.. but...

It’s a good 3 in 1 tool.. but there’s too much material.. it’s too thick, too wide. Maybe it’s for strength for its secondary purpose, as a 1/4 in adaptor and bit opener. but it also means it’s very very stiff and unyielding, failing in its primary role as a pocket clip. It’s very difficult to clip in and out if the pocket fabric is slightly thicker, making a simple action into a 2 hand struggle. Bring thicker also makes it more lightly to scratch stuffs as you move around.
3 in 1 tool - pass
Pocket clip - fail

Bryan Wallis
Amazing products!!

This is by far the best contrive ever got any products from! They truly care for their customers and what their customers think, they will go avians beyond to make sure that you are satisfied with you order and your experience. I just can’t say enough great things about them if they sold everything I needed I would never shop anywhere else! All of the products they do have though are all TOP NOTCH and work PERFECTLY! People with negative reviews on here will always find something to complain about even if a white T-shirt isn’t white enough for them so don’t pay no attention to the negativity because this is a great company with AMAZING PRODUCTS that work PERFECTLY!