Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool
Titanium Pocket Tool

Titanium Pocket Tool

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10-in-1 pocket tool that lets you do more and carry less

Ten tools in one easy to carry package. The TPT is a TSA approved, travel friendly multitool made from solid grade 5 titanium. On the tool, you’ll find a full set of wrenches, bottle opener, hex bit driver, scraper edge, a retractable box opener/camp fork, and more. The TPT is a scant 3 inches long, packing an unparalleled amount of functionality into a portable package. Toss one in your pocket or bag and be prepared for pretty much any quick fix while on the go.


USA Patent No.: D869,930

International Patent No.: 2018301534630



• Bottle Opener
• Flat Head Screwdriver
• Wide Flat Head Screwdriver
• Internal Magnet
• 1/4" (6mm) Hex Bit Opening
• Measurement Cues
• Mini Pry Bar
• Scraper Edge
• Stainless Steel Insert "Dual Function"
• 550 Paracord Lanyard / Key Ring Opening
• Accepts Standard Utility Razor Blades (not included)
• Universal Wrench Design (15 Socket Sizes)
     -SAE 15/64, 1/4, 17/64, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16 in.
     -Metric 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 mm


•"Stone washed" Grade 5 Titanium Alloy (6AL4V)
•#420 Stainless Steel (Insert Fork/Blade)
-Commonly used in dental and surgical instruments
•#304 18/8 Stainless Steel (Torx Screws)
• 550 Paracord (Black Lanyard)

Specs & Weight

• 3 in. (7.5cm) Long
• 1 in. (2.5cm) High/Tall
• 0.157 in. (4mm) Thick
• 0.9 oz (24 grams) Weight


1 TPT Titanium Pocket Tool
2 Stainless Steel Inserts (Natural & Black Anodized)
1 550 Paracord Lanyard (Black)
1 Leather Sheath (we also offer a non-sheath "standard" TPT version)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Caroline Sanderson
Small & light but delivers big!

This is an awesome little tool that has a lot of useful functions. Extremely light & comes with a nice leather sheath. It is a bit on the expensive side for what it is but realise Big Idea offer excellent design, use top quality materials & have a lifetime - so think it's worth it. My only regret is not getting the TPT slide as chose the original TPT due to the form factor - size & weight. In hindsight the slide would have been a better choice as no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the tool to open one handed....don't think my hands are large enough. Did speak to Kate at customer service about it & she was amazing (as are all the crew at Bigi ) & she offered to do an exchange, but decided to stick with this one for now & see how it goes....gotta say it's already growing on me. Who knows might even get the slide version down the track (in black) & have this as a spare in the car. Great little product.

Thank you so much for your review, Caroline! It's been a joy helping you!

Austin Bonse
Pretty good

Durable but blades rattle a bit

Kevin M.
TPT (there and back again)

I bought a TPT a while back. I then lost it. I proceeded to buy a TPT slide. I still owned the TPT slide when I purchased my second TPT. I prefer the TPT to the TPT slide. It's slimmer, easier to change out blades, and costs less (nice for those of us that apparently lose their stuff). Cannot recommend this tool enough (though I'd highly recommend the any of the B.I.D. beads to go along with it, makes the purchase on the tool even better!).

Very satisfied with the pocket tool

I purchased the TPT because it was more affordable than the Slide, had a slimmer profile, and the blade was more accessible. It took a day of practice, but I am now able to open/close it one-handed per the YouTube video. I am very pleased with the purchase. Great EDC product.

Neat little tool

Just got it.
The blade was rattling a bit inside. And by removing the insert for the first time the magnet fall out. Not quit what I was expecting from a fresh opened bakage...
A torx bit, tree screws and a bit of superglue later...everything fits.
The magnet could be a bit stronger (still some movement if you shake it realy hard) ...but I get that it has to be a realy thin magnet to fit inside.
Overall pretty good. Just a little bit pricey...even though it's titanium.
(Shipping to germany took 12 days)