Ti Ultra Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Ultra Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Ultra Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Ultra Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Ultra Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Ultra Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Ultra Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Ultra Pen - Big Idea Design LLC

Ti Ultra Pen

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Create your perfect writing experience

The unique 3-in-1 design provides freedom for you to explore, experiment, and has the flexibility to transform from a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or rollerball pen in seconds. No hacks, no spacers, no complicated setup...it simply works with virtually any refill/ink you can toss inside to provide the most customizable and flexible writing experience we've designed yet.

We are known for making pens are compatible with more refills than any other brand, it's kind of our thing. With so many great refills on the market, we don't see the point in locking you into using only one if we can engineer a way for them all to fit perfectly inside without any hacks, modifications, or spacers.

So, that's exactly what we did...we spent the time and effort to make it possible for over 750+ refills from major manufactures all fit like they were custom designed to be the star.


All About The Ink

Arguably, what ink or refill you have inside your pen plays a huge factor in providing a pleasant writing experience for you. There seems to be an endless sea of options on the market and being able to experiment and find your perfect setup or switch back and forth as needed has never been easier.

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We stand behind of what we do.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tucker Reynolds
I think I found it...

I have a pretty decent library of fountain pens, and I think I've found the one I've been looking for all this time. I lean on the functional side, and am not particularly attracted to flashy or delicate pens. This thing is incredible. The Ti looks and feels wonderful, and I'm not worried about "babying" it. I really like the balance and weight, it feels just right for me. The grip section grooves are nice, and I enjoy being able to hold the pen higher on the section without dealing with concave lips digging into my fingers. Also, the grooves are pleasant for longer writing, especially when my hand gets tired and sweaty. One of the best steel Bock nibs I've received across multiple brands, it wrote well without any modifications or tuning. All round a fantastic pen! my only improvements would be: (1) eliminate or allow nib selection. I wont ever use the Ti nib, and that would reduce cost about $50-$60. (2) The first one I got appeared to have a machining error, and too much material was removed in attempt to correct this; causing a misalignment between the cap and body when screwed on. I reached out and received a replacement immediately, which was flawless, so no complaints with customer service or promptness, but perhaps some more attention on QC? For me, not a big deal, but if this was a gift or special occasion, it might result in disappointment. Regardless, I highly recommend this pen!

Glenn Toal
Last pen i’ll ever purchase.

I have owned this pen for 2 months now and I can honestly say it is the best pen I have ever purchased.
I tend to lead more towards fountain pens and that's what initially drew me to this item.
I was floored with the craftsmanship of this item it is fantastic. The writing experience for me was smooth and the flow of ink.was just right.

I struggled to find ink cartridges, it does come with a converter. A few email exchanges and I had a shipment on the way.

This pen will be with me for a lifetime and the ability to use just about any refills means it has a permanent place in my daily carry.

Richard Eisenberg

I rarely write product reviews but when a purchase is even better than advertised, it’s a pleasure to do so. This Ultra 3-in-1 pen I recently bought is absolutely beautiful, both to hold and in the quality of build. It sits perfectly in the hand and is incredibly well balanced. It is light weight but does not at all feel cheep. I own a number of quality writing instruments and this has now become my go to pen for daily use. I write with a Cross Rollerball 0.7mm refill so I cannot speak about the fountain pen.

First world problems

This pen is really well made, maybe too well made haha. I went with the stonewashed and I have no regrets. I think the Bock nibs write much better than my old Parker. I have not had many issues with running/ leaks etc. What I have noticed is that the O-Rings do a really great job of "sealing" the pen when you close it. This minimises evaporation of fountain pen ink, but what I noticed is that this can create a "terrarium" like environment so my fountain pen was smelling so bad. I would wash it/ rinse it all out, and it would continue to smell bad again after a couple of days. But take the cap off to air it out every now and again and your problem will be solved. I read another review below that I think is talking about the same problem (copper smell in clutch mechanism). I have no doubts that it is fully titanium though as it doesn't set off any metal detectors.

Alex Ivanc

Wonderful and many thanks, needed professionally.