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Create your perfect writing experience

The unique 3-in-1 design provides freedom for you to explore, experiment, and has the flexibility to transform from a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or rollerball pen in seconds. No hacks, no spacers, no complicated setup...it simply works with virtually any refill/ink you can toss inside to provide the most customizable and flexible writing experience we've designed yet. 


 Works With 750+ Ballpoint & Rollerball Refills

We are known for making pens are compatible with more refills than any other brand, it's kind of our thing. With so many great refills on the market, we don't see the point in locking you into using only one if we can engineer a way for them all to fit perfectly inside without any hacks, modifications, or spacers. 

So, that's exactly what we did...we spent the time and effort to make it possible for over 750+ refills from major manufactures all fit like they were custom designed to be the star. 

  >>Click<< to see the list of 750+ compatible refills. 

All About The Ink

Arguably, what ink or refill you have inside your pen plays a huge factor in providing a pleasant writing experience for you. There seems to be an endless sea of options on the market and being able to experiment and find your perfect setup or switch back and forth as needed has never been easier. 

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Check out the full, (3rd party) expert review on the pen over at The Pen Addict.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Good pen, some serious flaws.

The pen is well made and thoughtfully designed—just not by a regular fountain pen user. The rings make a good grip but the threads should never be adjacent to the nib. This design might look better but it makes clean filling very difficult. To keep the section ink free I remove the converter and fill it with a syringe. If you don’t mind this hassle it is a good pen.

Mark Gaudin
Absolutely great pen

I absolutely love my new pen I use mainly as a ballpoint pen everyday and I enjoy writing with it.

Samuel Tremblay
This is the best fountain pen that I have

This pen is of a perfect size, a perfect weight, the nib is at the sweet spot of scratiness, the ink never dry, it never skip... Oh, and I still didn't used the ballpoint version yet. Ehhhh I can't say anything negative except one big thing... I have the machine raw version and I really want the stonewashed version but I'm not Bill gates and this is good money for a pen. Ok, it's not as if I need it but I Neeeed it! :D This pen is for me as the ring is for gollum in the lord of the rings... My preciouuuuussss :)

James E.
Good pen.

Overall I’d say I’m happy with it. However there are a few things to consider. First I went with the black finish I regret that. I should’ve went with the polished. Also not sure if the pen is full titanium there is a strong copper smell in the clutch mechanism.

Andy Cook
Almost perfect

I’ve been a fan of high quality stationery and writing instruments for the best part of 20 years. I use technical, functional stuff mostly and, more recently, started buying pens from the EDC world; Tactile Turn, Prometheus, MadMaxCo, Karas to name a few.

I chanced upon Bigidesign after reading about their successful crowdfunding campaigns and after a little research decided to pull the trigger on the Ti Ultra pen. I’d wanted to try a fountain pen for many years and the added functionality of the Ultra was very appealing.

After 5 weeks of use, generally speaking, the design and execution are fantastic. The collet mechanism solves the refill compatibility issue flawlessly. I actually haven’t used it as a fountain pen yet but the time taken to change from my favourite Montblanc fine liner to the fountain pen insert is ~1min...zero fuss.

My issues with this $250 pen are cosmetic. There are flaws in the machined cap that can be felt, it appears to be a machining mistake that has been buffed out with abrasives and scotchbrite or the like. The clip is imperfectly bent and sat off centre upon arrival.

I would argue that the price is fair due to the great design and functionality, the cosmetic issues are a little disappointing especially considering the level of fit and finish from the previously mentioned makers of EDC pens.

All in all 8/10. A good pen but not quite the full

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