Ti EDS II: The Everyday Screwdriver
Ti EDS II: The Everyday Screwdriver
Ti EDS II: The Everyday Screwdriver
Ti EDS II: The Everyday Screwdriver
Ti EDS II: The Everyday Screwdriver

Ti EDS II: The Everyday Screwdriver

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 Made from grade 5 titanium alloy, this little screwdriver really packs a punch and is the perfect pocket tool for your everyday carry (EDC).


Not Your Average Screwdriver


This is a fully custom, CNC milled solid titanium screwdriver + 4 hex bits + 40mm articulated extension arm that features a time tested frame-lock mechanism + lifetime warranty. The tighter you grip it, the more secure the mechanism becomes. It's built from the ground up and is backed for life. If a high-end titanium knife and a compact screwdriver had a kid, this would be it.


No Proprietary Bits, Use The Bits You Already Own


We know you already own a bazillion standard 1/4" hex bits and your perfect 4 bits to EDC are different from ours. So feel free to swap them out/customize the 4 hex bits with the ones you own and build your ultimate pocket screwdriver.


Patent Pending Design



• One-Handed Operation
• Secure Frame-Lock Mechanism
• Removable Pocket Clip
• 40 mm Extension Arm
• Internal Rare Earth Magnets
• 4- 1/4" (6mm) Hex Bits
• Lanyard Opening
• 100% Metal Construction (no plastic)



• Solid Grade 5 Titanium Alloy (6AL4V)
• Stainless Steel Pivot Screw
•#304 18/8 Stainless Steel (Torx Screws)
• Paracord Lanyard



(1) Ti EDS Screwdriver
(4) 1/4" Hex Bits
(1) Paracord Lanyard 


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LIFETIME WARRANTY on all pens and tools

No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashioned service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Scott Hutcherson
Awesome, compact, and convenient

I usually carry several tools for work but undoubtedly I always end up leaving the one I need in the truck. The EDS makes carrying the bits I use most quick and easy. No more wasted pocket space for full size Phillips and flat heads. Excellent quality and construction as well. It’s definitely earned a spot in my EDC.

The TI EDS II is the perfect EDC screwdriver!

The TI EDS II is the perfect EDC screwdriver, is like a folding pocket knife disguised as a screwdriver and is just as convenient! Very well made, and works very well.

Britton Kaman
The everyday screwdriver

Very great quality. The build is awesome, along with the finish, a little thicker then I would have liked but overall I'm very happy with it!

Jose DeAnda
Well made, Functional, Easy to use.

Ive been eyeing the bit bar for a while. When I saw the everyday screw driver, I had to think hard about which one to purchase. Aesthetically I like the bit bar better, and its ability to hold more bits. But ultimately, without using an extension with the bit bar, it would seem impractical. The everyday screw driver has a lot more clearance to actually use it as an everyday screwdriver. Ive used it every day since Ive bought it. I do wish it would hold 4 bits at least instead of the 3 it does. I also wish it came in different finish options. I anodized mine blue. And it came out looking great and factory. Its a beautiful pocket tool. Does seem like a steep price to pay for a pocket screwdriver, but I dont mind paying a premium price for premium tools that are functional while also being pretty damn cool.

Lucas Wiman
High quality, but has some design flaws

The quality of the mechanism is good. It latches very firmly, and you can get a good amount of torque if needed. It is comfortable to hold in your hand. Bit storage is convenient.

However, there are two issues I have with the device:
1. The thumb stud is too close to the hinge, giving poor leverage. The magnet is very strong (good), which makes it hard to use this one-handed (bad). This is partly about it being convenient to flip open one-handed, but mainly that I like to fidget with the EDC stuff in my pocket and this thing is too hard to fidget with.
2. I carry two tools with me at all times: a bit driver and a utility blade. To carry this, I'd have to carry a separate knife, whereas I'd prefer to carry them as a single tool that does just those two things.

So in practice, I end up carrying the much cheaper Milwaukee Fastback "6-in-1" multitool, which is heavier than I'd like and doesn't have much bit storage. I still use this in a bike repair kit, but it's way too expensive for an infrequent fixed-location use case like that.

In future iterations, I'd strongly recommend making a version that's this and the utility knife combined into a single tool, like an improved version of the Milwaukee tool mentioned above. At the least, moving the thumb stud to the business end would make it easier to open one-handed.

Thanks for the feedback Lucas!