Mini Titanium Pry Bar
Mini Titanium Pry Bar
Mini Titanium Pry Bar
Mini Titanium Pry Bar
Mini Titanium Pry Bar
Mini Titanium Pry Bar
Mini Titanium Pry Bar

Mini Titanium Pry Bar

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Give your keys (and fingernails) a break

All too often, you’re using the wrong tool for a job. Sure, your house key can open a box in a pinch, and your pocket knife can pry something open. These aren’t the intended uses and can put unnecessary strain on both your keys and knife to the point of failure. That’s why we created the Mini Titanium Pry Bar. This small, light duty pry bar is light enough so that it’ll go unnoticed on your key setup until you need it. It’s great for prying, opening up a taped box, scoring material, tightening a flat head screw, or even popping open a bottle. It’s also TSA carry-on compliant, so it can safely travel everywhere that you do.

Why Grade 5 Titanium?

Titanium is the metal of choice for numerous aircraft, medical, and military applications — all where durability and weight savings make a huge difference. The same applies to the Mini Titanium Pry Bar. We wanted an EDC tool that wasn't too light, not too heavy, and durable enough to withstand everyday use.

Practical Everyday Uses

• Light-duty prying

• Opening taped boxes

• Scoring materials

• Flathead screwdriver

• Opening bottle caps

• TSA carry-on compliant pocket tool

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LIFETIME WARRANTY on all pens and tools

No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashion service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Luke W
Great little tool

Great add on tool for my EDC pouch. This is good for a variety of things. e.g. getting batteries out of the kids toys/electronics.


No fancy design, simple and easy to carry, it's obvious that it can't handle heavy work, but as an emergency gadget, I think it is qualified. Luckily it blends in perfectly with my key-bar, as if tailored, perfect!

Richard O.
Mini Titanium Pry Bar

This mini pry bar fits perfectly on my key chain right next to Titanium Pocket Bit. They are a great combo and they have both come in handy many times during my daily travels. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pry bar/pocket bit but doesn't want anything bulky in their pockets.

Benjamin Patterson
A very nice keychain addition!

I've always thought the pocket pry bar was useless honestly but this keychain pry bar is absolutely perfect for me. It's small enough that I don't have an additional piece of metal in my pocket but it's a great little tool that I've used a number of times since buying it and it's not been very long so I know there will be many more uses. I just love how all of the Big Idea Design items are perfectly machined, are a product with a lot of thought put into them, and are something that's actually usable and not just pocket trash.

Thanks for the feedback Benjamin! And all the support!

Bespoke craftsmanship, not really useful.

this is a high quality item but honestly it is too small to be useful, this is more like a gimmick or a manly charm that teenage girls would put on their bracelet, but, instead for your keys.

There are far better, more functional options out there.

Thanks for the feedback Aldar! We do include the specs of the item on the product page, for anyone who is wanting to know before they purchase. Just reach out to if you ever need anything!