Bit Bar : The Pocket Friendly EDC Screwdriver

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A pocket-friendly screwdriver that comes packin'

It’s not often that you can say you’ve got a screwdriver and entire bit set tucked away comfortably in your pocket. The Bit Bar is a combination bit driver and holder with the ability to conveniently store and access 8 different bits.

In the box, you’ll also get an extension that makes it easier to get into tight spaces. To get at the bits inside, simply push on the exposed bar and the bits will protrude out of the opposite end. Each is held firmly in place by a magnet, so they’ll stay put while in your pocket.

The Bit Bar features a full-sized handle, is TSA compliant, and is available in an ultralight fiberglass reinforced nylon, or titanium (stonewashed or battle-worn Black DLC).

USA & INTL Patents Pending.

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Grade 5 TITANIUM versions:
•Stonewashed Titanium (Ceramic Media Tumbled)
•Battle-Worn Black (DLC Coating)

•Matte Black (only option)
Similar to die-cast metal in strength

• 1 Bit Bar
• 8 Black Oxide Bits
• 1 60mm Extension
• 1 Leather Case

DISCONTINUED: Our optional 1/4" hex drive ratchet has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Wonderful screwdriver

The Bit Bar is a great little screwdriver! Pocket screwdrivers have one main problem: bits. Some have two or three bits, others have several mini bits rattling around in them, and still others require carrying separate bit packs.
The Bit Bar solves this problem for me. It holds eight 1” long 1/4” bits to cover a lot of bases. Personally, I have three torx bits to cover most of my pocket knives, two Phillips, and three slotted. The bits are in the screwdriver (not rattling around), organized, easily accessible, and the Bit Bar is compact and easily carried in a pocket.

Now, some simple tricks and notes:
1. To slide the bits out: I put my fingers on the pocket clip and push the bar with my thumb.
2. To remove a bit: I raise the bits, pinch the bit I want, and lower the bit bar leaving the bit free.
3. Use bits that have a tall shoulder. Some 1/4” bits have a shorter 1/4” section and put color bands and such on them. Lower shoulder bits can jam the movement of the bar.


As being a Electrician you always need a Phillips or Flathead to get into junction boxes, breakers, receptacles, lights and the bit bar is a awesome alternative than a huge screw driver.... it’s super durable and feels nonexistent in the pocket.

Brilliant but not hard wearing

First off it's a great tool carried and loved mine for months, light weight compact and grippy. It's truly a pocket friendly tool.

Now to the three stars, maybe it's my heavy handed use or it's a design flaw. The magnetic strip wasn't glued on arrival which wasn't a problem I glued it myself. Then the magnetic bar broken and the tool is useless for storing spare bits. Other than that its brilliant.

Great American made quality product!

This tool is great! It provides you with your most common bits needed. I used it on a rusted up minerallac strap that was a flat head bolt in it. It was stuck pretty good but this tool got it undone with no problems. It doesn’t clink around every time you take a step, I was definitely a little skeptical spending $120 on this little pocket tool but it was definitely worth it! It even came with a little extension for the bits that fits perfectly in the small change pocket on the right front pocket of most jeans. I’ve only had this tool for a few days and it’s already proven itself, I recommend this product 100%.

Solid and innovative product

Very solid and innovative product. Feels very tough and the bit storage is excellent for easy access. My only complaint is that the bits don't feel as secure as I'd like. It is passable but would prefer tighter fit. The issue is more noticeable with the bit extension. Overall, very please with the product.

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