Trading cards highlighting awesome people

Straight up classic trading cards with a lighthearted approach. We felt it was time to bring that childhood joy back and share it throughout the EDC community. Highlighting makers, collectors, brands, and anyone else in between who makes EDC a better place!

It's all about the people
The edc community

Set 01 Includes All 8 Cards

  • Ben Petersen (Knafs)
  • Blade HQ (Dessert Warrior)
  • Lucas Burnley (BRNLY)
  • Melissa Miller (Melissa Backwoods)
  • Peter McKinnon (Pete's Pirate Life)
  • Sam Tran (Raven The Pirate)
  • Taylor Martin (Best Damn EDC)
  • Tom Medvedich (Notorious EDC)

1st edition

Each set will be limited runs with only a small window to snag a set. 

Printed and assembled in Chattanooga TN, United States.