Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit
Titanium Pocket Bit

Titanium Pocket Bit

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Bit Body Shape
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Not too big, not too small.

These patented bits are strategically designed to be the same width as a standard US door key. So, no worries about one poking you in the leg.

The torque and grip of the keyring provides a solid gripping area for adjusting loose screws without having to go find a full-sized screwdriver.

Great for:

• Common screw heads
• Tripod mounts
• Door hinges
• Just about any standard + or – screw that needs some help
• Opening packages/boxes
• Mini pry bar
• Bottle opener (twist & pry to open bottle caps)

Bit Shapes

• Round Body (6mm center diameter)
• Hex Body (6.3mm, 1/4" hex center diameter)

Both versions feature a #2 Phillips head (most common size) & 6mm flat head. Each one weighs around ¼ the weight of a standard house key, so you don't notice it's there until you need it.

The Hex version had an added bonus of working with standard 1/4" hex openings.


• Heat-Treated, Grade 5 Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) — Pocket bits
• Commercially pure, Grade 2 Titanium — Key rings


• Titanium pocket bit (by itself) : 0.07 oz / 2 grams
• Titanium pocket bit + key ring : 0.148 oz / 4.2 grams
• Standard US house key (for weight comparison purposes only) : 0.275 oz / 7.8 grams

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Good edc

Perfect for every day perfect for everyday use.

Neat little bit

Neat little sturdy screwdriver bit, works very well especially if you have a TPT or Slide. I think it would be better if it came on a titanium cord/leash the ring is great and sturdy but can prove to be cumbersome to work with in some sitt

Mohamed Zain
Its Awesome

The Quality down to the usability and how convenient it is, its surely a must buy. love it

Darren R Linkin
SO small I LOVE IT

I had another similar object on my keyring which was much bigger and while it had add'l functions one can only need so many bottle openers ;-). I love this screwdriver bit which allowed me to free up EDC space (!) and indeed is so small that it does "poke" me on my keyring. I did get the one with the hex format so also appreciate that I can put it into a driver and/or can be a standalone object in my toolbox one day if I don't "carry" it anymore. Good price, exactly as I thought if not smaller (in a good way), and glad I clicked yes!

Great way to carry a screwdriver!

I love this little bit, I got the Hex version so it can be used with my TPT Slide if I need a little more leverage. I just like having a couple tool on me that don't take up pocket space as I jave this on my keys along with the mini pry bar.