Ti EDS : The Everyday Screwdriver

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Ti EDS : Titanium Everyday Screwdriver 

Yeah, we know...carrying a screwdriver, an extension arm, plus 3 hex bits in your pocket seemed crazy....and it was, until now. 

Made from grade 5 titanium alloy, this little screwdriver really packs a punch and is the perfect pocket tool for your everyday carry (EDC). 

Not Your Average Screwdriver

This is a fully custom, CNC milled solid titanium screwdriver + 3 hex bits + 40mm articulated extension arm that features a time tested frame-lock mechanism + lifetime warranty. The tighter you grip it, the more secure it the mechanism gets. It's built from the ground up and is backed for life. If a high-end titanium knife and a compact screwdriver had a kid, this would be it. 

Why Carry A Screwdriver? 

It's amazing how many times a day we need a screwdriver and various bits (i.e. door hinges, hose clamp, kid toys, camera gear, honey-can-you-fix-that, etc.) but don't want to run back to our tool box for these trivial/small tasks. Somedays we like to keep a low-pocket profile so the original Bit Bar tends to stay in a drawer those days.  So, designing a more streamlined version with a built-in extension arm is what we wanted to tackle next. It's been the perfect size to get things done and yet not take over our pockets. 

No Proprietary Bits, Use The Bits You Already Own

We know you already own a bazillion standard 1/4" hex bits and that your perfect 3 bits to EDC are different from ours. So feel free to swap them out/customize the 3 hex bits with the ones you own and build your ultimate pocket screwdriver.

Easy Open/Close

Quick one-handed operation is key and the Ti EDS screwdriver intuitively opens and closes like a pocket knife. 

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• One-Handed Operation
• Secure Frame-Lock Mechanism
• Removable Pocket Clip
• 40 mm Extension Arm
• Internal Rare Earth Magnets
• 3- 1/4" (6mm) Hex Bits
• Lanyard Opening
• 100% Metal Construction (no plastic)

• Solid Grade 5 Titanium Alloy (6AL4V)
• Stainless Steel Pivot Screw
•#304 18/8 Stainless Steel (Torx Screws)
• Paracord Lanyard

(1) Ti EDS Screwdriver
(3) 1/4" Hex Bits
(1) Paracord Lanyard
(1) Instruction Card

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jeff Lafleur
Solid folding screwdriver

Solid product, but I give it a 4/5 due mostly to the bit storage solution on the driver. The bits slide freely within the screw driver, and I have had one fall out before, or more commonly the bits slide too forward in the tray and can impede took useage. The issue is minimal however.

Pedro Marques
Nice products

I am looking forward to buy more products from big idea design

Russell Roth-Peltz

Ti EDS : The Everyday Screwdriver

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Ricardo Quintana
Good Tool but...

The tool is very good and very practical but neodymium magnets come off very easily, I reported this problem but they threw the responsibility to transport but the problem was when opening and closing the mechanism, which shows that the problem is with the quality or the amount of glue they use during assembly.

We have noticed the issue and will improve, and if you can send us a quick email to support@bigidesign.com we will be happy to either repair or replace it for you. Thanks.

Brendan Kreuer
great tool

I love the size and conveniences of this tool. it fits well in the pocket as well as the hand. The pocket clip is a little tight but you never have to worry it will fly out of your pocket. all in all a wonderful EDC tool

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