Ti Utility Knife
Ti Utility Knife
Titanium Utility Knife
Titanium Utility Knife
Ti Utility Knife
Titanium Utility Knife
Titanium Utility Knife Deep Carry Clip
Titanium Utility Knife

Ti Utility Knife

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The Ti Utility Knife is inspired by our classic design the Titanium Pocket Tool. It features a quick change blade mechanism that locks a standard utility blade in place safely. It carries a bottle opener feature from the Titanium Pocket Tool. It's frame lock handle is made out of grade 5 titanium, it's durable, strong, and lightweight. Perfect for everyday carry.

Unique Features

  • Solid Grade 5 Titanium Handle
  • Secure Quick Change Blade Mechanism
  • Deep Carry Pocket Clip (Grade 4 Titanium)
  • Reversible Pocket Clip
  • Stainless Steel Blade Mount
  • Full Hand Handle
  • Bottle Opener (Without Blade Installed)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Brian Morgan
Super cool and fun knife

I’ve been carrying this for a week and enjoyed every moment.

I didn’t know what I would think about carrying a razor blade knife but I’ve found I like it. I don’t worry about what I am going to cut or whether or not it’ll muck up my blade. The blade is easy to switch in and out. Ergos are great and it disappears into your pocket. I’m very happy with mine!

Hi Brian! Thanks for your feedback! We are so happy you love your utility knife!

Awesome EDC utility knife

I received this knife a couple days ago and I am loving it! Knife was a little stiff with the action at first, so I took the knife apart to apply some lubricant. Now, it is smooth as butter. I will say removing the blade does require a bit of force to remove but it is something to get use to. The knife is extremely thin compared to my Milwaukee fast back so it doesn’t take up much space in the pocket. Overall I would highly recommend pulling the trigger on buying it if you were thinking about getting one!

My new EDC. I love it.

I’ve carried numerous knives throughout my life, but this one tops them all. It’s sleek lightweight body makes it a joy to carry. I’m a super fan of deep pocket clips which this one has. Swapping blades is extremely simple. It’s built quality it amazing. It’s definitely not a cheap build. Only drawback that I encountered was the blade holder not being centered upon opening and closing. It may just be a simple adjustment, hence I’ve only had it for less than 24 hrs. The knife is not spring loaded so a wrist flick mostly does the trick to open it. I will now carry it as my EDC and maybe even pick up a few more for my friends and family once it’s restocked.

Brandon Barnett
5 stars

Update review- so after purchasing this a few months back I had many issues with the blade popping out anytime I was doing some heavy cutting. I messaged big idea and they sent me a replacement in about 3 days to my door. The replacement I’ve had for about a week and it’s been phenomenal, blade stays in place every cut and big idea was quick and pain free taking care of a customer so I’m changing my reviews to 5 stars and would recommend this product.

Gary Edwards
Utility Knife

Great quality knife. smooth flip action has a nice fidget factor.