Ti Click EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Click EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC

Ti Click EDC Pen

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A titanium click pen in a league of it's own

The Ti Click EDC is the most adjustable and refill friendly click pen on the market. No twisting, no uncapping, just a quick click and you’re ready to write. The Ti Click EDC is our take on the classic retractable pen with some serious upgrades. To extend the writing tip/refill, there’s a custom designed titanium and brass alloy click mechanism that’s built for the long haul.


We’ve paired our custom click mechanism with our signature auto-adjusting collet to seamlessly accept over 100 different refills with no hacks, mods, or fuss. The body of the pen is also adjustable to the size of the refill for an even more versatile writing tool.


Patent Pending Design.


• Accepts more than 100+ time-tested pen cartridges *(See the refill list)*
• Adjustable overall length (based on your refill length)
• Machined from solid titanium alloy (Grade 5)
• Well balanced design
• Brass alloy / titanium mechanism (100% metal)
• Minimized "tip-wiggle"
• Anti-slip grip design
• Titanium pocket clip (Grade 4 titanium for proper tension)

Compatible Pens / Refill List

The list is honestly way to long to list here so please see our excel document.




The refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and are extremely affordable. We are still ordering and finding more and more refills that work perfectly with our pen. The list is being updated as we find more that fit.

best edc pen


• Stonewashed (Tumbled in ceramic media)
• Midnight Black (DLC double-coated)
• Machined Raw (uncoated natural finish)

What's Included

• 1 Ti Click EDC pen

• 1 Pocket clip tool
• 1 Schneider 0.4 mm black gel ink refill


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We stand behind of what we do.
No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashion service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
A total TANK of a pen

This is by far the best pen I've ever owned, easily, hands down.The Stonewash finish hides all the scrapes, scratches and scuffs that come with using it as an EDC pen. That being said mine does have its fair share of patina from being used in an EDC role. The pen definitely wears use well, might have to get another to be a little nicer with.

However, out of the box the pen had some trouble retracting, but after some adjusting and use I'm glad to say that's no longer an issue.

Mitch Lakey

Just love the feel, the look, the function of my Ti Click Pen. It feels so good in my hand. I got the stonewashed to match my TPT Slide. Just excellent quality from BigiDesign.

Best pen ever!

I have carried this pen everyday for over 2 years now. I can honestly say that it’s the best, most reliable writing utensil that I have ever owned.

Javy D.
Doesn't get any better

This review may seem like hyperbole but the honest answer is that when I started bullet journaling I wanted a pen that would remind me of the importance of intentionality, of purpose, of setting goals and accomplishing them. Spending the money on a high-quality tool reminds me of the commitment I am making to my future self, my family, colleagues, and my employer.

In addition to reminding me of my commitments, the pen is an absolute pleasure to hold and use. It is well balanced, matches my titanium wedding ring (another lifelong commitment), and causes me to find reasons to write. It's my go-to pen, I carry it everywhere, and use it exclusively. I begin my day setting my intention and to-dos and end my day with it, reflecting and expressing gratitude. I've already ordered a variety of refills and will dial in my favorite ink - looking forward to finding the perfect ink to the perfect barrel.

Jordanne M.
Worth every penny!

I was skeptical about this pen's cost, but as a devoted daily writer I know that I value the tools I use and cherish them when they last! I was intrigued that it can fit any kind of refill because I so value an extremely fine tip for writing. This pen delivers, I can have expert craftsmanship and my preferred fine tip insert for the ultimate writing experience. You've earned a devoted fan and customer, thank you for this innovative design.