Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil
Bolt Action Pencil

Bolt Action Pencil

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These bolt action pencils are designed to let you have full control over your writing experience, it comes with 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm mechanical pencil systems. The retractable bolt-action mechanism is not only incredibly smooth and satisfyingly fidget-friendly, but it also offers rapid access to the pencil tip and excellent protection when stored away. The perfect addition to your everyday carry (EDC) essentials!

Quick Features Overview

  • Retractable Bolt Action
  • Optional Eraser End
  • 10 Spare Eraser Refills
  • 3 Schmidt Mechanical Pencil Systems Included with Every Pencil ( 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm)
  • CNC Machined Deep Carry Pocket Clip
  • Additional Titanium Damascus Bolt Included
  • Available in Titanium (Stonewashed, DLC Black and Raw), Brass, Copper and Zirconium
  • Solid Metal Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Worldwide Shipping

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LIFETIME WARRANTY on all pens and tools

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Burak Kircali
Titanium DLC Bolt Action Pencil

The first time I saw this pencil, I knew I had to buy it. Not just because it has a solid construction but also because it is retractable. I saw many other machined titanium pencils but Big Idea Design version is much better for me. Retractable mechanism is a must for me, as I keep the pencil on my desk or in my pocket most of the time. Also you get 3 sizes of mechanism, which is really great.

Monte Allen
Buyers Remorse

Big Idea Desings has a history of creating wonderful and well executed products. In fact, the classic bolt action pen is my favorite writing instrument produced by them. I regret buying this pencil instead of purchasing another bolt action pen. This pencil did not lived up to my expectations. The bolt mechanism is fiddly and has a habit of pinching my thumb. Furthermore, advancing the lead, without retracting Schmidt insert is nearly impossible for me to do. As a result, I am not able to use this writing instrument effectively or efficiently. I should have read more reviews before purchasing this particular product. I commend Big Idea Design on their innovative ability and look forward to see what they produce next.

Hey there Monte! Thanks for the feedback! I'd be happy to help you out! Feel free to reach out to us at anytime!

Stefan Wepfer
Bold action Pencil

… im an Artist and use this Pencil for daily sketches and collecting new ideas. I estimate the weight and the balance. And love to play with the Bold wile thinking. Great tool. Its my fifth Pencil from Big Idea Design. Love al of them 🙂

nice, far from perfect

I really wanted this to be the perfect pencil but after 3 months using it daily, there are several things to note: first of all, this is very satisfying and 10/10 looks , BUT I have had several issues:1- the weighting is far too much torward the back of the pencil- it would be nice to have the weight done perfectly like the graphgear 1000, 2- there IS wiggle room in the tip that is semi-noticeable while writing, 3- while it is nice that the clip is milled, but it is MUCH too strong and i have ruined some clothes already- it would be nice to have a milimeter of space between the clip and the pencil, 4- although one should see this coming, the purple coloring on the damascus bolt has rubbed off of the top of the bolt, 5- it doesn’t bother me too much but every once in a while since the mechanism is squared, the bolt stops right before it pops up, 6- it really woudn't be too hard to make an eraser would it? 7- some sort of grip would be nice. 8- since the mechanism is not made in house, it is a little to hard to press down to get more lead. I would consider returning this pencil if it hadn't taken me so long to notice all of the downsides to this pencil that it is now too late. HOWEVER, I would like to mention that the engineering and customer service from Bigidesign is TRULY INCREDIBLE. If big i would make a pencil v2 that adressed these issues, then i would definately buy one.

thanks, cadwalladar

So satisfying!

The click is so solid and sturdy and satisfying, and it’s exactly what I needed in my life. The mechanism is more complex than your average bolt action pen, and I can tell that a lot of engineering went into this product to make it function beautifully. My one and only tiny little gripe is that once the mechanism is engaged, there is a little bit of play when you click, so you have to push down a little before the lead comes out. Otherwise it’s beautiful. I love that they included a free Damascus bolt! It’s really cool looking. I love the pocket clip too. Nice shape and size and it’s quite sturdy. The Ti logo looks nice. And 3 different lead sizes??? Are you kidding me?? It’s almost perfect. The packaging is really nice and it comes with this cute little eraser that works pretty well. Thank you big idea design!!! 10/10 highly recommend.