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Peter McKinnon x Big Idea Design Collab

An exclusive version of the Pocket Pro offered in brass and copper, both versions feature solid titanium pocket clips.


(This pre-order item set to ship Jan. 2020, if they're completed early we'll ship them out before)

Works with more refills than you'll ever own.

This pen that can seamlessly telescope to accommodate 100+ different refills without any guesswork, gaps, hacks, modifications, spacers, or tip-wiggle.

It's seemingly effortless ability to transform in length to perfectly fit both parker-style ballpoint refills and standard rollerball refills without any visible gaps or hacks makes it a pen without peers.


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Length (w/ shorter ballpoint refill installed) : 4.11 Inches / 104.5 MM
Length (w/ longer rollerball refill installed) : 4.65 Inches / 118 MM
Body Diameter : 0.38 Inches / 9.7 MM
Grip Diameter : 0.44 Inches / 11.3 MM
Weight (Brass) : 1.13 oz / 32 grams - (Copper) : 1.20 oz / 34 grams

Solid Brass/Copper : Pen body, pen tip, grip
Grade 5 Titanium: All internal parts (no plastic parts)

Grade 4 Titanium : Pocket Clip (for proper tension)
Industrial Strength Silicone :  O-rings that go on the body of the pen

100+ Compatible Refills...You've Got Options! 

Most pens on the EDC market fall into two refill types, ballpoint refills or rollerball refills. The Pocket Pro completely changes the game and plays well with both styles.

There are way too many to list on the page so feel free to check out our google doc to see all the refill options you can use with these pens.



The refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and are extremely affordable. We are still ordering and finding more and more refills that work perfectly with our pen. The list is being updated as we find more that fit.


- 1 Pirate Pocket Pro pen
- 1 Pen box (w/ sticker, instructions)
- 1 Schneider Gel 0.4 black gel ink refill (installed)
- 2 spare high-strength o-rings & 1 Spring (just in case you ever need them)

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