NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC
NeoLucida XL freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC

NeoLucida XL

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The NeoLucida is a modern reinterpretation of the camera lucida, a 19th century optical drawing aid. It superimposes an image of your subject onto your paper. You see your pencil and your subject at the same time. Trace what you see!

The NeoLucida XL uses mirror and glass to combine a virtual ghost image of your subject and the real view of your hand.

Setting it up is easy:

• Clamp the NeoLucida XL to a table or sturdy drawing board.

• Bend the adjustable gooseneck so that the viewer is facing your subject and positioned over your paper.

• Look straight down into the viewer to see your page and a ghost image of your subject superimposed.

• Trace what you see!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Interesting equipment!

This contraption really delivers! It intrigued me at once when I saw the ads for it. So I researched it a bit and discovered that things like this were greatly in vogue during the 1800’s. I have now used it for a couple of months, and I am slowly getting the hang of it! In the process, I have learned more about perspectives than in years of art studies. Emipirical data. My drawings are so much better. Perfect as a basis for watercolours! Thank you for bringing this apparatus to the 21st Century!

Michel Samson
No comparison

A wonderful, simplified version of the camera lucida (of which I own several). This is a much easier device to use with a more stable design.

Randall de Rijk
WHERE? Wait you delivered it ?who signed for it?

I have yet to see this, and I’m very disappointed my daughters bday is on the 9th if you can’t fulfill your obligation please refund me.

Hey there! Tracking shows it was delivered by USPS on Nov 27. I believe our support team has responded to your email. Thanks!

Jacob Amamain

What an amazing take on an ancient invention! Shipping was super fast, especially since I wasn't expecting it until late December. I bought two of the NeoLucida XL's, one is a gift, the other for myself. Super simple to use, I can't wait to master this tool. The only thing that would make this better, is if it came with some coal pencils. Thank you!

Bruce E. Sands
Never delivered

Item was never delivered

Looks we've already started an email conversation about this. Just keep us updated!