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 The NeoLucida is a modern reinterpretation of the camera lucida, a 19th century optical drawing aid. It superimposes an image of your subject onto your paper. You see your pencil and your subject at the same time. Trace what you see!

The NeoLucida XL uses mirror and glass to combine a virtual ghost image of your subject and the real view of your hand.

Setting it up is easy: 
• Clamp the NeoLucida XL to a table or sturdy drawing board. 
• Bend the adjustable gooseneck so that the viewer is facing your subject and positioned over your paper. 
• Look straight down into the viewer to see your page and a ghost image of your subject superimposed. 
• Trace what you see!


 NeoLucida XL in action!

Video Demo

NeoLucida XL demo video starts at 1:45, enjoy!

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