Ti Pocket Pro : The Auto Adjusting EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Pocket Pro : The Auto Adjusting EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Pocket Pro : The Auto Adjusting EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Pocket Pro : The Auto Adjusting EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Pocket Pro : The Auto Adjusting EDC Pen freeshipping - Big Idea Design LLC
Ti Pocket Pro : The Auto Adjusting EDC Pen - Big Idea Design LLC

Ti Pocket Pro : The Auto Adjusting EDC Pen

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An auto-adjusting pen that's perfect for everyday carry

The body of the Ti Pocket Pro seamlessly telescopes in length to accommodate different sized refills, while the auto-adjusting collet grip ensures a wiggle-free fit at the writing tip. Operation is as simple as unscrewing the body, popping in your favorite Parker or Rollerball style refill, and tightening it up. The design does the rest.



• Length (w/ shorter ballpoint refill installed) : 4.11 Inches / 104.5 MM
• Length (w/ longer rollerball refill installed) : 4.65 Inches / 118 MM
• Body Diameter : 0.38 Inches / 9.7 MM
• Grip Diameter : 0.45 Inches / 11.6 MM
• Weight (empty) : 0.6 oz / 17 grams


• Grade 5 Titanium : Pen body, pen tip, grip, and all internal parts (no plastic parts)
• Grade 4 Titanium : Pocket Clip (for proper tension)
• Industrial Strength Silicone : O-rings that go on the body of the pen

Compatible Pens / Refill List


There are way too many to list on the page so feel free to check out our google doc to see all the refill options you can use with these pens.



The refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and are extremely affordable. We are still ordering and finding more and more refills that work perfectly with our pen. The list is being updated as we find more that fit.

What's Included?


• 1 Ti Pocket Pro pen
• 1 Schneider Gel 0.4 black gel ink refill (installed)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Robert Behrent
Purpose Bought EDC Cool

So this is the first product I have bought for "EDC Cool". Well not really for EDC Cool. I carried a Cross pen in my pocket for years but I recently found I couldn't get the refill I like (Blue Fine Point) anywhere. I blame President Biden and all who voted for him. Anyway, as I looked around the internet I stabled on a pen that can take a myriad of refills. The Big Idea Design pens. And so far so good! It feels like a fell crafted item, you know, the kind you enjoy having in the hand. It's light and balanced with a smooth rotating action to bring the pen tip in and out. I'm happy I bought it.

Best pens I own. Period.

Well, my first Bigidesign purchase was the Ti Arto EDC, and I absolutely LOVE it. I quickly ordered a stonewashed Ti Pocket Pro, and it instantly became my favorite pen in my entire collection. After that, I again quickly bought the Ti Black DLC and Brass Pocket Pro's and I couldn't be ANY happier. That was going on two years ago and I obviously haven't been interested in ANY other pens (except the new Bigidesign Bolt Action pens hahaha 🤣). So this is a good review almost two years after buying my 4 Bigidesign Ti and brass pens!

Now down to the pen itself, they're simply marvelous. Impeccable craftsmanship as always from Bigidesign, and the pens themselves are beautiful and a true work of art IMO 😎👍 The threads, springs, clip, etc are all very high quality and executed perfectly. Everything is butter smooth. And the black DLC coating is DEFINITELY more durable and scratch resistant than any of the PVD & IP coatings available. Mine has zero scratches after being used pretty hard after the last two years!

I have easily tried over 150+ different refills and I have yet to find one that DOESN'T work with the Ti Pocket Pro's! My favorites are the Energel (.7/1.0mm) (blue/green/red) refills. But I can almost guarantee that any refill you try in these will work!!! And if you want to use the plastic rollerball refills like the Energel and Pilot G2, but want your pen to be smaller/shorter, just cut off a little bit at the top. I've done it a million times because I prefer a shorter pen!!!

They're also obviously very lightweight because of their titanium construction and are VERY easy to write with, whether you're just jotting down some quick notes, writing an essay or journal, or use it ALL day at work for longer periods of time 😃

Overall, just a fantastic writing instrument that is VERY unique and one-of-a-kind because it has the versatility to use whatever refill you like the best. You WON'T find another pen with that ability, and the supreme craftsmanship that is Bigidesign, especially for this price. Its a no brainer! I'll definitely be buying one of their bolt action pens when they're available next year too! Just a fantastic company who makes innovative and high quality products. You can't really get any better than that IMO 😃

So if you want a super versatile pen and you love numerous different types of refills, then look no further than the Bigidesign Ti Arto EDC and Ti Pocket Pro's! You can thank me later! Find a coupon code online and you can save even more!

Jordan Mol
Great little pen

Really enjoy the small package and simple mechanism. Feels great and love that I can use my fave refill

Chris Bradley
Comfortable, versatile pen

The Ti Pocket Pro pen is very comfortable to write with. I have had it for a short time, and I'm blown away by its versatility. I have used a few different refills from the compatible refill list, and a couple that were not on the list. It's a great pen for everyday use, not just for carrying in case you need a pen.

Travis Cooper
How fun is this pen!!!

Such a freaking cool pen!!! I have a BUNCH of pens & can’t believe I’ve waited this long to pick up a pocket pro. It is exactly as described, a PRO!!! Get one, you won’t be disappointed!!