Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen

Dual Side Click Pen

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World's first, dual side click and mini dual side click pens are designed to let you have full control over your writing experience. The side click pens auto-adjust both in length and tip size to create a fully custom pen that ticks all the boxes on your list.

Quick Features Overview

  • Patent pending dual side click mechanism
  • Full size accepts 100+ refills w/o any hacks or modifications
  • Auto adjusting collet To minimize tip wiggle
  • Solid metal construction
  • Titanium Damascus pocket clips available as add-ons

Compatible Pens / Refill List

The list is honestly way to long to list here so please see our excel document.




The refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and are extremely affordable. We are still ordering and finding more and more refills that work perfectly with our pen. The list is being updated as we find more that fit.


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We're big fans of a lifetime warranty when buying premium items, so every pen comes with that as well. If you ever need anything, we'll be happy to help.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

I have had 3 versions of Big Idea design pens. I have the TI EDC Click, Dual Click and the first pen I got was the TI Pocket PRO. I love the idea to have one pen and just keep changing refills. So far I have had the opportunity to engage all three pens to least one deployment for each. Thems held strong real good. Stuck to the stone wash tho because I didn’t want to even risk getting any extra unnecessary decorations to this. Went thru all the weathers with that stonewash version, no scratches that one. I have gone thru Pentel refills, fisher refills and even them rite in the rain refills, 37R, 47R, and 57R versions fits as long as the accessory cap end is added so it aint too short. Thems i dont think is on the list but i’m all about it. I have purch’d couple of these awesome pens already to use as gifts and they all love it! Worth it!

Kevin Arnold
Best EDC pens on the market

With the resent purchase of my titanium stone washed dual side click pen. I now own 2 Big Idea Design pens ( the other being of the copper version). Being able to use the refills that I want to use and knowing that my Big Idea Design pens can take those refills puts these pens above another pen in the market. If you are looking into adding an amazing pen because of it looks or durability, or you just want to add another sharp looking pen that will make your friend jealous to your EDC collection, then look no further than any of Big Idea Design pens.

Jorge Fonseca
Zirconium dual side click

Was on the fence about the zirc version of this pen. It’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be. The dual click function is really nice. Once you push the button to release the mechanism it is really strong. I think that’s my favorite part of this pen aside from the material/ finish.also. The color on the zirconium version isn’t as dark as it looks in the pictures. It’s more grayish

Dakota Monroe
My first entry into EDC pens

This pen is comfortable in hand has great fidget factor as well as being compatible with 100+ refills definitely a great choice.

so satisfying!

I love the bolt action pen but I love this even more! got the brass one and it's my new fave! the clicking mechanism is so satisfying, a music in the ear!