Ti Pocket Knife

The Ti Pocket Knife is a single screw scale design, frame lock folding knife. It features a S35VN hollow grind blade, grade 5 titanium scales and runs on ceramic ballbearings. It's Inline flipper action gives it a clean look and ease to kick off the blade with a smooth action. It's durable, strong, and lightweight. With it's true deep carry and reversible pocket clip, it makes the perfect EDC knife in your pocket! 

Unique Features

  • Solid Grade 5 Titanium Handle
  • Single Screw Design (Besides the main pivot crew)
  • S35vn Hollow Grind Blade
  • Deep Carry / Reversible Pocket Clip (Grade 4 Titanium)
  • Inline Flipper Action
  • Ceramic Ball bearing
  • Delivery estimate for all tiers October 2023

Ti Pocket Knife
Center balanced

We spent the past 5 years looking into how to make the perfect knife, every detail has been refined over and over again. We believe this knife will set the standard for the EDC market.

Reversible and Deep Carry Pocket Clip

It is simple! It's friendly for right handed and left handed carry.

What's Included
  • Ti Pocket Knife
  • Snake Knotted Lanyard
  • Free World Wide Shipping
  • Lifetime Service Warranty

Front view with single pivot screw

back view minimalist design

successfully funded

We got our start back in 2011 over on Kickstarter and we have been running full speed ahead ever since.