USA Fountain EDC
USA Fountain EDC
USA Fountain EDC
USA Fountain EDC
USA Fountain EDC
USA Fountain EDC
USA Fountain EDC
USA Fountain EDC

USA Fountain EDC

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We opened a brand new machine shop and THIS is the first pen to be released in our new Big Idea Design USA line.

The Fountain EDC, the pen we believe to be the perfect everyday fountain pen, in a brand new material for us, Ultem™. Ultem™ is a unique semi transparent polymer that allows you to see the inner workings of the product. A demonstrator fountain pen is the perfect use for this, being able to see the ink travel through the pen and feed down to the gold plated nib is truly unique! For full specs and details on the Ultem™ Fountain EDC, check out the video in the product images.

Quick Feature Overview

  • Semi Transparent Polymer (Ultem™ 1000)
  • See Ink Travel Through The Pen Feed
  • 14K Gold Plated Kaweco Nib - Size: Fine
  • 6 Kaweco Ink Cartridges - Pearl Black
  • Milled Titanium Pocket Clip

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LIFETIME WARRANTY on all pens and tools

No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashioned service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mylene Solano
Daily Work Horse

I’ve had this fountain pen for a couple of months. I got mine from the Kickstarter and as soon as I got it, it was inked up and was ready to go. Sooo smooth with the combination of the Kaweco nib. This fountain pen has been the legit go-to, no-brainer, first grab fountain pen out of the multitude of fountain pens I own. It has also traveled with me a couple of times and has never disappoint. This is definitely been worth the money and investment. Also loving the fact that I could use international cartridges and not be stuck with one kind with possible limited colors. Thank you for the effort and investment you have made in making this fountain pen one of the EDC to exist!

unique, high quality, awesome writing tool

Purchased based upon the material used and the unique addition to made in USA.
- Received and found the pen is well constructed....from Cap use to protect the nib and seal for any potential leaks or at the opposite end to extend the length during writing. The nib fitting to the pen is perfect with no leaks thus far.
- I was also very pleased with the ink flow thru the nib and overall writing experience. It's a definite daily use pen Note: I have other fountain pens to include Mont Blanc, Cartier and unique handblown glass nib pens for context.

Michael Nelson
Great time

Writing with this is just a good time. Easy never misses and hits the page just right. Size makes it fun to take along anywhere. Go to for me and I write a lot. Thank you for making a product that makes my day more fun.

Tanner Barnett
Dry start

I’ve seen others complain about this issue but this thing runs dry on me in the middle of writing often and is also frequently dry when attempting to start writing. This is the first product from Big I that I’ve been disappointed with.

Thanks for the feedback Tanner! Sounds like there could be some issues with the nib. Feel free to reach out to us at and we can help you out. Thanks again!

Brian Koval
An amazing company with great people who care!

I found them via a Google search and bought almost $600.00 of products. They have a great selection and even better support for questions.