NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida
NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida
NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida
NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida

NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida

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The NeoLucida is a portable camera lucida: an optical drawing aid that allows you to trace what you see. Based on century-old designs but comprehensively redesigned for the 21st century, the NeoLucida is perfect for artists, scientists, designers, or hobbyists-anyone who wants to draw.

Originally patented in 1807, by the 1830s camera lucidas were everywhere. Fine artists, scientists, naturalists, explorers, archeologists, architects-all used the camera lucida for drawing in the days before photography.

Our design is lightweight (7oz., or 199 g), sturdy, compact enough to fit in a handbag, highly adjustable, totally non-electronic, and effective in all lighting conditions. If you enjoy drawing from life, or if you're interested in experiencing for yourself how the Old Masters could possibly have created such accurate, lifelike drawings-then the NeoLucida is for you.

Designed in Chicago & Pittsburgh, USA by Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin.
Crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

Officially licensed item from NeoLucida,LLC

Manufactured in partnership with Big Idea Design, LLC.
NeoLucida™ is a registered trademark of NeoLucida, LLC.
For ages 9+.

What's in the box

• 1 NeoLucida (Works for both right & left handed artist)

• 1 Carrying pouch

• 1 Set of instructions


Need Help?

Instructions + Video Demos and Detailed written instructions & FAQ's can be found on the NeoLucida website.

Review videos

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Cathy B hershey
Very disappointed

I was very excited to receive your item so I could share it with my granddaughter. We literally just opened it and to say we were disappointed is an understatement. It does not work even work anything close to your advertisement. It’s nearly impossible to use. The reflection is minuscule,blurry and useless. I want to return it for a full refund. I already contacted PayPal. Please tell me how you will rectify this matter.

Hey there! We have sent you a return label on Feb 23, and we have tried reaching out to you as well. It's possible the emails were sent to your junk folder.

Returning Neolucida

I'm about to return the Neolucida, which is difficult to use to the point of being impractical. I doubt that the split pupil concept was ever a proper basis for such a device.

The optical diagram of the Neolucida XL does appear to beworkable and I might purchase one, even knowing that I'd need to add an aperture to restrict viewing position.

My opinion is that the original is a failure that should never have reached market; remaining inventory should be written off. I'd maybe buy an XL with a viewing aperture.

George Bullis
Haven’t opened the box yet

Not yet

Donna Froese
Artist of the Cariboo

It is clear to look through. That is nice. But the field of vision is too small. So very small. It's not worth the size that you see. One can draw and move and draw more, but this is tedious. One can draw faster without it.

Ken Del Castillo

I would like to return for the larger camera

Just reach out to and we'd be happy to help you out!