Solid Aluminum Pen + Stylus

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This item is no longer being made or sold.
The alternative/improved version of this pen is the Ti Arto.


Same great design, now in Aerospace grade 6061 Aluminum.

It’s a 35% lighter alternative to our Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus.
Plus, now with newly improved, stronger threads!

Aerospace Grade Aluminum with a touch of Titanium
These pens are made from lightweight, aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum with a solid titanium clip. We feel this combination of materials deserved a new periodic element symbol, so we've laser engraved  “Ai” on every pen clip. The “A” is from the first letter of the periodic symbol for aluminum (Al) and the small “i” was chosen from the titanium element (Ti) to represent the touch of titanium.

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- Made from aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum
- Bead-blasted matte finish
- Titanium pocket clip
- Accepts 35+ time-tested pen refills/cartridges *(See list below)*
- Conductive silicone stylus tip
- 3 anti-slip finger grooves
- Improved threads for pen cap posting
- Screw-on flat back plug included
- Cap securely fits on back
- Lifetime quality & craftsmanship
- Every pen comes with a high-quality felt pen sleeve
Every Pen Comes With:
- 1 stylus tip for touchscreen devices
- 1 flat “coin-screw” back plug
- 1 Pilot G2 0.5mm black gel ink refill installed
- 1 protective microfiber black felt sleeve

Get comfortable, this will take a while.
The refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and are extremely affordable.
We are still ordering and finding more and more pens that perfectly work with our pen. We will update the list as we find more.
Pen Name/ Refill Name
•Avant Pen Refills (0.5mm)
•Bic Velocity Gel 0.7mm (Medium)
•Cross Gel Rolling Ball Refill 0.7mm
•Dong-A Fine Tech RT Pen (GRC-43 refill)
•Duke Rollerball Refill (Medium)
•Faber-Castell Ceramic Rollerball Refill 0.5mm
•Foray (Office Depot's Brand-USA) Replacement Refills
•Mont Blanc Fineliner Refills
•Mont Blanc Rollerball Refills (M) & (F)
•Monteverde Rollerball Refill (Mont Blanc Style Replacements)
•MUJI 0.5mm Refill
•Ohto Ceramic Rollerball Refill (C-305P, C-307P)
•Pentel ENERGEL BLN105 pen (LRN5 & LRN7)
•Pentel HyperG Retractable KL257 Series (LR7 & KLR7)
•Pilot B2P Bottle to Pen Gel Ink Pen Refill - 0.7 mm
•Pilot Frixion Ball pen BLS-FR5 (LFBK-23EF-B refill)
•Pilot G2 (America's #1 selling ink gel pen, 0.38, 0.5, 0.7, &1.0mm)
•Pilot G2 Pro
•Pilot G6
•Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier (Same performance as Hi-Tec-C, but with more ink)
•Pilot Juice Gel Ink Refill (LP2RF, .05mm)
•Pilot Precise V5 RT/V7 RT, named Hi-tecpoint V5 RT/V7 RT in Europe
•Pilot Q7 Needle Point Refill 0.7mm (BLS-GCK-7 / LHKRF-8C7)
•Pilot V ball RT (BLS-VB5RT)
•Pelikan Roller Refill 338 Rollerball
•Schmidt Safety ceramic roller 888 Fine
•Schneider Topball 850
•Staples Classic Grip Pen 0.7mm Gel (#31581)
•TUL GL1 Gel Pen Retractable Needle Point Fine 0.5mm
•Uniball Impact RT 1.0mm Bold (Signo UMR-80)
•Uniball Signo RT Gel 0.38mm & 0.5mm (UMN-138)
•Uniball Signo (UMN-152)
•Uniball Signo 207 Gel Refill 0.7mm (UMR-87, UMR-85)
•Uniball Jetstream 0.7mm (SXR-7) & 1mm (SXR-C1)
•Visconti Rolling Ceramic 0.7mm (AA40)
•Waterman Rollerball Refill
•Zebra Sarasa Clip Pen Refill
•Zebra JF Gel Ink (JJ2; JJ15; JJZ15; JJ21; RJF5 pens)
(The listed refills above are sometimes re-named or re-numbered in different parts of the world by pen refill companies. We can't list every possible name change so we suggest you use the info above if your country/region calls the pens/refills something else.)

All brands, logos, and trademarks displayed and/or mentioned are used for informational purposes only and are sole property of each respected company and owner. No endorsement or ownership implied.

- Bead-Blasted Matte Black
- Bead-Blasted Matte Silver

Have the threads been improved over the first version?
Yes, we made them stronger/thicker based on user feedback.

We stand behind what we make so if you ever have any issue, send us a email and we will do our best to help out.

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