Green Cerakote Mini Click Pen *Limited Release*

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Limited Release

Memorial Day Special Edition
Mini Click Pens in Green Cerakote®

Our mini click pens are super compact and great for quick notes and signatures throughout your day. Never in the way, simply there when you need it. 

What's Cerakote®?
In short it's an extremely durable ceramic based coating that's
abrasion/wear resistant, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, increases impact strength, and hardness. Our pens are professionally 
coated in the USA by veterans who are also a certified Cerakote® applicator.


  • Length - 3.81in / 9.7cm
  • Diameter - 0.35in / 0.9cm
  • Titanium Pen Weight - 0.7oz/20grams (with refill)
  • Assembled In USA

Compatible Refills

These pens accepts many different D1 Style Refills that are to find and swap out. Yes, they also work with the ever popular Hi Tec-C Slims and the Fisher Space Pen "UF" Pressurized series refills also fit if you ever need to write in space or upside down in a river.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Cassidy

The mini click is perfect for edc. It fits in your pocket just right. You can’t even tell it is there. It writes perfect and the cerakote gives it the feel and grip you need. If you like green you better jump on getting one. Thank you

Angelo Araquel
Mini Click Green Cerakote

There’s really not much to say other then great product and amazing quality. Never disappointed.

L Cole Jones
Great little pen

I have a raw titanium version that I got from the kickstarter and have been using it daily and really enjoying it. Plus green is my favorite color so I had to pick this special edition up. I just got it in the mail today and I'm very pleased with the finish. No visible flaws and the coating even covers the threads if you take the pen apart. I'm hoping its as durable as they say it is, but whether it wears over time or not, I think the pen will look nice either way.

Note that the pen doesn't have a clicky actuation point that you can feel. My wife hates this but I find it makes the pen feel more unique.

Mark Paras
Green Cerakote Mini Click? Yes!

The pens are great! I love the OD Green! But after opening the pens, I found out the pens weren't wrapped in shrink wrap like the other mini clicks I've bought. Because the cerakoted pens were not wrapped the takedown tool that comes with the pens to remove the top of the pens. Rubbed on the back side of the pen throughout its shipment. A small area of the cerakote on the back of the pen was slightly scuffed. Not a big deal but paying an extra $30 for a colored cerakote with it to arrive slighty scuffed, that a thin piece of plastic could have prevented, kinda makes you go... "ehhhh... okay, whatever..." overall still a great pen!

Andrew Gudgeon

I love the beautiful green finish and I love the mission behind the pen even more! Well done!

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